Teri Temme

All about being the bridge between the daring and the sensible

I am a Pioneer/Connector - I live to learn and share with others. I love nothing more than to think outside the box and come up with a new idea or process that is a win-win solution for everyone. It is who I am. I constantly strive to learn more to be able to bring out the best in others and their businesses. And I like to have fun - life without humor is pointless! Offering individuals an idea or concept that changes their lives is awesome and life-giving. The enthusiasm when someone realizes they can do something they never thought they could do is incredible. Reaching even one student who realizes I care, and facilitating them do something they didn’t think they could do is something I will do every day of my life.

Things I Can Do

I teach individuals to have a firm foundation in real-world business. Theories are great, but the personal experience brought from working in the industry provides valuable insight into the intricacies of negotiations and business deals. I want to give you the skills that will help you in your career and lead you to make the right choices for a financially successful life. I have been debt-free for many years and the freedom this has afforded me is immeasurable. With a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco and an MBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from California Lutheran University, I realize the importance of having a proper business foundation and having worked in the business world for over twenty years I see the effects of an improperly trained workforce. I would love nothing more than to impart some of my experience from the business world, as well as my experience, being a student - over 400 credits!

A Few Accomplishments

I believe teaching you how to create your personal business plan will help you in all areas of your life. My current projects: * Recruiting across various industries and positions committed to strengths development * With over 2,500 leases negotiated, I provide lease consulting services for various tenants, franchisees and developers across the US * Teaching Entrepreneurship and the class I created: "Your Personal Business Plan" * Authored the book: "Don't Be a Jerk, Like Your Work", building out my podcasts now * Financial education and strategies at Focu$trategies * Exploring opportunities for Vegan Fiestas * Advisory Board Member - Ion Communications for Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship - Caribbean * Volunteer at West Los Angeles Regional Library, re-started Friends group serving as President * Committee Member serving as Secretary for the WLA/Sawtelle PLUM (Planning and Land Use Management) Completed projects: * Consulting in HR at Hudson Pacific Properties * Lease Negotiation for the early stages of The Lake District, Memphis, TN * Talent Acquisition for Jigsaw Solutions, Inc. & Irwin Naturals * Guest lecturer at UCLA Extension and Santa Monica College teaching Commercial Lease Negotiation * Project Management for TechReckoning * Business Consulting and QuickBooks for Cash Investments, LLC * Research paper on Strengths Development in the Workplace